Rice, Spice and Everything Nice! - Food publication

  • Tejaswini Pednekar

A publication that consists of 10 uncommon Asian - mainly oriental - vegetables. The publication explains the history behind each vegetable, the best storage for it, what it tastes like, its health benefits and a simple recipe on how to cook it. The recipe allows for the user to cook the vegetables in the healthiest and easiest way possible. I explored publication design along with layout and editorial design during this project and I was also able to learn a lot about food styling and photography.

I created the dishes in the publication using authentic Asian spices. As the idea of the publication was to promote heathy vegetables, I also made the recipes very healthy and used spices that have great benefits on our health. Each of these spices is mentioned in a section of the publication along with the benefits of each one of them and why we should regularly use them (such as turmeric, coriander powder, cumin powder, etc.).
The colour scheme used in the publication matches the spices used in the recipes i.e. the yellow for turmeric, the brown for garam masala, the red for paprika and so on. I have kept the actual ingredient and recipe pages fairly minimal when it comes to colour so as not to divert the attention from the photography.
The publication talks about who I am as a designer and why I created this publication and how having an Asian background guided me through it.