Ride Into The Future

Pubblicità Progresso, an Italian corporation that works on advertising for social improvement, wanted to promote the use of eco-sustainable means of transport instead of taking the car for every single move we do.
The first step was the research, and to understand which points and facts to stress in order to create in the public the will to change this aspect of their lives. This research ended up with the fact that year by year the acid rains become worse and worse because of the air pollution. As a consequence, historical monuments are getting more and more ruined by the acid rains, and historical monuments are part of the Italian identity. To save this part of Italian history people have to avoid cars and motorbikes and take as much as possible the bicycle, or public transports, or any other form of sustainable mobility. This advert encourages people to move by bicycle.

/ everyday, when you get into your car
/ you become an accomplice of pollution
/ stop for a while
/ look around
/ your bad habits damage your surroundings
/ would you want all this to get lost?
/ turn off the car, make the right choice
/ ride into the future

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Riccardo Carrara

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Riccardo Carrara
Communication Designer