Rimmel London I Will Not Be Deleted

Last year, 115 million images were deleted from social media because of beauty cyberbullying.

At Rimmel London, we believe that everyone should be able to fearlessly express and be themselves, without fear of judgement, criticism, or shame. That’s why we have commissioned a global study to investigate the problem, and have partnered with The Cybersmile Foundation, in order to spread awareness and stand up to beauty cyberbullying everywhere.
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And you can help. This is the place to learn more about beauty cyberbullying and hear the experiences of the people affected by it. Look around to discover group discussions, deeper stories, as well as our global study. Most importantly, don’t forget to share the message.
*SOURCE: Calculated from a Rimmel Survey projected to 40 countries using UN statistics
‘Cyberbullying related to beauty choices has a real impact on people long after the incident occurs. The idea that some people make decisions in anticipation or fear of potential bullying is heartbreaking. I look forward to working with Rimmel to try and a way of addressing this growing issue.’
As one of the world’s most successful models and actresses, Cara is no stranger to negative comments and online bullying. It’s part of the territory, when you put your life into the public eye each and every day. But, in her opinion, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, it’s the way you feel about yourself on the inside that counts. Working with Rimmel, she hopes to stand up for the people affected by it, so we can raise awareness of beauty cyberbullying.
‘We really just want to shine a light on the fact that cyberbullying is not okay. I think it’s amazing that I have the opportunity to shoot with people who have such unique personalities and sense of individuality. This is something that has always been a big part of my career thus far.’
Rita’s chart-topping music doesn’t make her immune to beauty cyberbullying, and she’s experienced a lot of of it since her rise to fame. But her advice is simple: don’t change who you are. Because once you change who you are, you lose who you are. And it’s very hard to come back from that. She feels this is one of the most important campaigns she’s ever worked on, and hopes that you can join her in taking a stand against beauty cyberbullying.