Ripples of Hope / Galaxy

  • Shane Horn

Creating chocolatey content to show how smooth and sustainable Galaxy Ripple's are.

On the back of Galaxy’s new proposition - Your promise has power. We were tasked with creating a campaign that highlighted the great taste and responsible production behind the Galaxy Ripple.
Our Rube Goldberg-inspired machine shows the knock-on effect of a Ripple. Each step or obstacle shines a light on Galaxy’s sustainable Coaca farming. Or hints towards the smooth and spectacular taste.

Using the iconic brown and gold colour palette with pops of their new tones, we used light and textures to dial up the luxe femme vibes. I helped evolve the design direction, set up and managed the delivery team, and supported resourcing and budgeting.

The campaign utilised storytelling formats - pushed out across Pinterest and Instagram Story formats.


Role: Creative direction, art direction, & design _
Agency: Born Social 3D Design: Luke Evans Design Direction: Charlotte Ryan Creative Strategy: Clara Wallin