'Rising Stars' Artist Showcase x The Hoxton

  • Sophie Loxton Lucas

I curated quarterly collection of talented emerging artists for The Hoxton Williamsburg and Chicago.

Allie Ellis is a Chicago-based artist who creates pop art style collages which combine the everyday with the unsuspecting, these collages are fun and playful whilst also presenting as considered and curated. Bright colored contrasting elements make for bold eye-catching artworks,
Britni Mara is a Chicago-based artist working by abstracting mediums to create a sense of expression, dancing between chaos and the controlled movement of paint. Her latest collection of work focuses on the human body as a medium and looks to explore movement and form through photography and paint mediums.
Yoora Lee is a Chicago-based artist who uses a subtle color palette to illustrate a point of view in the modern world by creating works that consider a detailed representation of objects we may otherwise overlook. Her work uses soft colors that work harmoniously with one anther to create a calming and welcoming environment
Yvette Kaiser-Smith is a Chicago-based artist who uses geometry and block shapes to create striking colorful works, recently exploring the combination of digital prints on laser-cut acrylic. Her works are striking and eye catching, the mixture of materials used makes for an inquisitive viewer.

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