Romance FC

  • Fran Marchesi
  • Aimee Capstick

Romance FC is a creative football collective who play in and around Hackney, East London. Founded in 2012, originally as Boiler Room Ladies FC, the team is an open-minded mix of talent. On the pitch, they are stern defenders and shrewd attackers. Off the pitch, they are filmmakers, DJ’s, coders and artists. Working in partnership with Aimee Capstick, we were asked to create new kit designs for the team, sponsored by Nike. The pattern used for the new kit is inspired by classic football shirts of the 80s and 90s, the angular jagged shapes and smooth colour gradients add a dynamic texture to the shirts. I led the design of a custom font for the numerals and all typographic styling – with a circular grid as the basis, creating a sense of movement and interconnection. The kit is now part of the By You Collaboration Programme, and available to buy on after initially selling out.