Royal Art Academy Exhibition

  • Clare Green
  • Rui Rodrigues
  • Rui Rodrigues
In August, my work team took a trip out to the The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, held annually since 1768. From paintings and photography to sculptures and architecture, from both emerging and already established contemporary artists; the world’s largest open- submission exhibition showcased it all. Around 12,000 works are selected by a committee of Royal Academicians. Everything seen at the exhibition re ects everything that is happening within the art industry right now.
Wandering around the gallery for the afternoon was a perfect method of escapism. I always enjoy the calm, unhurried atmosphere that exists in an exhibition room, accompanied by the echoed footsteps and hushed, appreciative whispers, as others ponder and gaze over the beautiful art in all of its unique forms. The experience is made even better if you switch your phone off, although I simply couldn’t resist taking a few snaps of the inspirational work.
Below is a selection of my favourite pieces from the day..
This exhibition is a must-see and if you didn’t quite make it this year, make sure to put it in your diary for the next.


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