Royal Women's Hospital

  • James Noble
Leveraging the Women’s new brand direction by ERD and implementing it into a modern user interface has resulted in a more user-centric experience, ultimately meeting the Women's project objectives and user expectations.

Giving users the ability to quickly discover information was a key deliverable and was achieved through a structured architecture and easy to navigate content . Creating a clean and natural navigation with comprehensive search functionality was essential for the project's success to enable relevant information to be quickly and accurately found.

Reviewing Google Analytics gave our team a solid understanding of the site audience in order to create clear calls to action for key areas and content. Providing the opportunity to vary donation calls to action page-by-page, adding quick links to specific content and building an AA standards website resulted in the delivery of a truly device-agnostic responsive design website.


Functionality Modelling
User Experience (UX)
Information Architecture (IA)
User Interface Design (UID)
Responsive Design
Google Analytics Consulting
Content Strategy
Web Development
Acceptance Testing