• Kathryn Cox

DIGITAL. SOCIAL. CONTENT. EDITORIAL. “Confidence is an inside job.” Davina McCall Ryvita wanted to expand beyond healthy eating to become as a healthy lifestyle brand. I created with Ryvita’s ‘Get More Good In’ campaign starring Davina McCall, with the team at ITN Productions, in collaboration with Wavemaker and the James Grant Group. The integrated digital, social and editorial campaign encourages women 45 yrs.+ to live healthier lifestyles, with the messaging that eating well and living well helps the body, soul and mind. The ‘Get More Good In’ creative spans films and photography and appears as a takeover on Ryvita.co.uk.

We created real life films with Davina, as she meets women who have reached a point in their lives where they have decided to get active. Along with Ryvita recipe films and editorial style content featuring Davina in conversation with author Sarah Rayner on how to build inner-confidence.

Praised for Davina’s friendly honesty and representing real women, the campaign was repurposed in multiple formats for Ryvita’s social channels.

Credits: Creative & Production: ITN Productions Advertising Head of Creative: Kathryn Cox Producer: Noelia Lage Director: Simon Waldock
Production Manager: Claire Lambert Production Assistant: Georgie Brown Offline & Online Editors: Rhyss Hall, George Sonei, Danielle Hailstones & Benjamin Rose James Grant Head of Content: Will O’Connor
Ryvita Marketing Director: Kyrsten Halley Ryvita Marketing Manager: Tessa Lomax
Media Agency: Wavemaker Account Director: Laura Gao Project Manager: Lydia Shaw