Sainsbury's Select and Christmas Food

  • Tom Lancaster
  • Deb Boniface
Sainsbury’s has offered food to order at Christmas for many years, and now it’s become a year round service – Sainsbury’s Select. This summer the Sainsbury’s Experience Design team took the opportunity to redesign our Christmas Food site and the new Select store using Luna – our digital design patterns.

Here you can see the work of designer David Chan, who paired with engineering in agile product teams to update and iterate on the existing e-commerce platform. The result is a completely refreshed, responsive customer experience with improved accessibility and a premium feel. Photography by Seven, shows off the food in an informal, modern way and continues the white space on the page through to the image.
Designer: David Chan
Front-end engineering: Dan Bull, Mauro Donadio, Shiraz Solangi
Back-end engineering: Qianzhi Wu, Edina Tarso, Lukas Hajdu, Hashin P, Ivan Vinitskyy, Pascale Smith
Testers: Bhuvaneshwari N, Deepti Shetty
Product Owners: Peter Abidi and Kelly Diamond, Delivery Manager: Laura Sauver
Photography: Seven, Mary Ann typeface: Fontsmith, Luna Design Manager: Beverley Sullivan, Head of Experience Design: Charlotte Briscall, Design Director: me, Tom Lancaster.

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