Saint Ogun RUM

  • Luke Freeman ✓✐

During lockdown of 2020 a rum company was being developed Saint Ogun, in the shadows of of various agencies without their acknowledgement of doing so. Saint Ogun is a rum brand that was created by Nic & Rico. The brief was clear they wanted a Rum brand that had the spirt of true cultural identity without the cliché “pirate look and feel”. Art Direction for the label design featured artwork from Simphiwe Ndzube, part of the brief was to deconstruct and collage the artwork into a narrative that captured the journey of it’s place of origin. Logo Design: Mina Abdurahman & Luke Freeman Art Direction: Nic Akinnibosun & Rico Oyejobi Label Design: Luke Freeman Artwork: Simphiwe Ndzube The brand was featured in: Creative Review Monocle Brand has gone on to win various awards of their taste. All work is copyrighted 2023 ©