Samsung Backstage Christmas

  • Sam Peel
  • Chris Abdullahi

A set of illustrated numbers to countdown the Samsung Backstage '20 Days of Christmas' By playing on the theme of 'The 12 Days of Christmas', we introduced the Backstage With Bells On campaign, which extended to 20 days. For the campaign, I was tasked with illustrating each day based on a concept developed by a creative team. Each day, people would engage with a post based around the line, and aim to win Samsung based presents for themselves. The lines were 'A shopping spree for free', 'Two Turtle Necks', 'Three Hench Bens', 'Four calling phones', 'Five Doughnut Rings', 'Six Girls-A-Singing', 'Seven Santas Shopping', 'Eight Mates-A-Watching', 'Nine Cryptic Crackers', 'Ten Terry’s-A-Gaming', 'Eleven Grannies Treating', 'Twelve Diners Dining', 'Thirteen Lads - A - Laughing', 'Fourteen Families Feasting', 'Fifteen Friends - A- Winning', 'Sixteen Penguins Prancing', 'Seventeen Cosy Couples', 'Eighteen Uncles-A-Doodling', 'Nineteen Cryptic Crackers', and 'Twenty Excitable Elfs'.