Samsung - NX Rover

The challenge

The Galaxy NX camera is a world first. Built-in Android, 4G connectivity and professional grade optics make it the forerunner of a new generation of connected cameras.

Our strategy was focussed on owning the emerging category of connected photography, differentiating against high end competitors.

We wanted to create a platform for Samsung that allowed people anywhere to test drive this new breed of device.

The idea

Taking inspiration from Mars exploration rovers, we created the NX Rover, to put the camera in the hands of photographers everywhere: A high-end camera-bot, with exceptional fidelity and control, delivering an unrivalled remote photography experience.

We engaged with camera and technology communities via sponsored posts on social platforms and using video content created with our content partner, Getty Images. From there we used Samsung and Getty’s social channels to recruit users, sharing video teasers inviting people to shoot with the Rover in exciting locations selected to appeal to passion points.

When the Rover activation began people could get behind the lens of the Galaxy NX camera at diverse events and global locations, including FC Bayern Munich, Iceland, London Super Comic Con and Rome.

Did it Move?

We showcased the best images on our campaign microsite and across our social channels; using them in communications across outdoor media, online communities, retail stores and events. They even made an appearance on Samsung’s iconic big screens across the globe.

The NX Rover demonstrated the image quality and connectivity of the Galaxy NX to photographers all over the world, allowing people to re-appraise Samsung as an innovative camera brand.

- 11,000 stunning photos were taken by photographers all over the world.
- The NX Rover travelled over 10,000 miles.
- The Rover was even spotted on Sky News and the Gadget show.
- Our campaign hub had an average dwell time of 9 minutes.
- The Rover gained over 8 million social media impressions and created a
691% increase in online traffic to Galaxy NX camera pages on - The Rover was included in half of all product conversations.