Alex Carnegie

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Alex Carnegie

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Samsung - NX Rover
    Samsung - NX RoverThe challenge The Galaxy NX camera is a world first. Built-in Android, 4G connectivity and professional grade optics make it the forerunner of a new generation of connected cameras. Our strategy was focussed on owning the emerging category of connected photography, differentiating against high end competitors. We wanted to create a platform for Samsung that allowed people anywhere to test drive this new breed of device. The idea Taking inspiration from Mars exploration rovers, we created th
  • Samsung - Galaxy NX Rover
    Samsung - Galaxy NX RoverHow a robot went global and sold 4G photography to the world Challenge - Samsung’s latest high end camera had 4G connectivity and could send professional quality images instantly from anywhere in the world. Our audience’s only reference point for 4G images was their phone, so they didn’t believe a camera could send professional quality images via 4G. Idea - To give our audience a first hand experience of 4G and demonstrate the extraordinary quality they could achieve we built a robot, which we sent on photo-shoots around the world. Our target audience could control the robot from their computer, take photographs and send them straight back to their computer to see the quality first hand. Results - Average of 9 minutes dwell time on site. Over 1.62 million images from the NX Rover were shared via social media.
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