San Francisco Design Week

  • Michael Mason
We are constantly shaping the world around us. From the buildings we work in to the roads we use to get to them, from the tools that we work with to the ways we unwind — nearly everything that surrounds us has been designed. And, as it often should, much of this design amidst us goes unnoticed. So much so, that we rarely consider the stories and process behind it.
The concept for San Francisco Design Week 2015 is to represent a window into this; A chance to discover and discuss these essential, yet often unconsidered pieces of our world."
These installations are a visual metaphor for reavealing the design process. By pairing complex wooden frameworks with seemingly invisible faces, we wanted to urge the viewers to take a second look at the thoughtfulness and detail in things that generally go unoticed. 
The letterforms were photographed throughout the city and displayed at the festival's Design Hub throughout the festival.

Role: Lead Creative
Creative Director: Ed O'Brien
Agency: CharacterSF

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