• Jessica Cabassa
  • Cassa Pancho

Say It Loud charts the struggles and inspiration behind the formation of this exciting and pioneering company. This piece is choreographed and directed by Ballet Black Artistic Director Cassa Pancho and was created with the Ballet Black Company artists. This production takes us on a voyage of the extremities of human fragility, spiritually, socially and politically through dance. Without saying, it was artistic in every sensibility. Rich in music and cultural references across the world. Ballet Black is transforming the dance landscape by giving a platform to artists of Black and Asian descent as well as to new and established choreographic voices whose unexpected stories and themes come from the heart to resonate with modern audiences. Cassa Pancho MBE Concept & Direction Cassa Pancho MBE & The Ballet Black Company Artists Choreography Jessica Cabassa Costume Design Cassa Pancho MBE Soundtrack Creation Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asanté Additional Soundtrack Composition Jim Carey Sound Design David Plater Lighting Design Photographed by Bill Cooper