SCHWeP x London College of Communication

  • Samuele Di Mauro
  • Sara Lawal

Southwark Culture Health and Wellbeing Partnership (SCHWeP) brings together local Southwark residents with key area stakeholders such as the Tate, The Old Vic, F.A.T Studio and Team London Bridge to share expertise and experiences that promote health and wellbeing in the community. The partnership approached LCC looking to develop a stronger identity for the collective and streamline the understanding of their services to the residents and any future stakeholders.

Working with third-year students from BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity and our Business and Innovation team, the bespoke brief called for research and insight analysis to inform design decisions, as well as the opportunity for the students to engage with the local community and draw from their experiences when brainstorming potential solutions.

Student, Sara Lawal chose to focus on the young population of Southwark. She created a sub brand for the partnership that amplifies and elevates the voices of the younger generation. She developed a community-based platform where the new identity encourages the discussion of arts, health and culture within a safe space.
Sara created a brand-new visual identity and set of assets for the sub brand, named ‘WE THRIVE’, and the project also included a communication strategy for socials and wider digital outreach. Furthermore, Sara developed concepts for a community led podcast that would highlight the lives of local people and openly discuss topics that affected the area.
William Nicholson, Co-Founder of SCHWeP, was delighted with the collaboration:
“The students have been supporting us with understanding our value and developing our brand identity…The project has been extremely beneficial to us as we have neither the capacity or expertise to work out how to articulate our value and visually present what we do.”
Fellow final year student, Samuele Di Mauro took the brief in a different direction, “I adopted a UX approach to understand user behaviour, gather insights and find the right solution for the partnership to engage with the community effectively” he described. This method allowed Sam to provide SCHWeP with comprehensive solutions for their workshop model and marketing strategies that built on the existing structure and enhanced its benefits for the community.

He produced a new identity for the brand itself as well as an in-depth Manual Toolkit Guide. Sam added “It is divided into an introduction and two main sections…[discussing] how to facilitate workshops, engage with the community creatively and UX methods to enhance communication and point out main interests from the different stakeholders.”
William went on to say,
“The project has also given us the added benefit of in-depth engagement with a number of key members of our partnership which will help us to improve the role that we play in the borough. And we've done all this by working with emerging creative talent from one of our local colleges - a win win all round!
LCC is passionate about working with local communities and using creativity to influence and support wider society. If you are a local organisation that would benefit from a collaboration with our students and highly experience academics, contact our Business and Innovation team.