Science Museum

  • Hannah Freeman

For everything you didn't need to know, but want to

Creative: Hannah Freeman

The Science Museum is a highly tactile and hands-on learning space for all, where education becomes fun and you can learn facts you never knew you’d want to know. It is a place where you can learn many fascinating facts that are not essential to knowledge, but are incredibly enriching and allow you to look at and appreciate your world in a slightly different way.

The campaign brings the science museum to the streets in its hands-on style, showing interesting facts in visual and fun ways, some even interactive and requiring participation.

Target Audience:
From kids to adults, the science museum is for everyone

Campaign Components:
- 6 X Experiential guerilla advertising variations:
1) Intestines Bus
2) Water Filled Advert
3) Toast Wall
4) Interactive Scales
5) Camera Advert
6) Stretchy Billboard