Science Museum Advertising Campaign

  • Paul Stapleton
The Brief
To create a campaign the makes science fun and appealing for the whole family. Two posters were required for the start of summer, focused on the family market. Two more were launched at the end of summer for adult audiences.

The Solution
I created the strapline ‘See Your World Differently’ to convey the idea of what you would notice in your surroundings after a visit to the Science Museum. Then, using one everyday object per poster that wasn’t obviously scientific, I explained the hidden science facts for people in an easily digestible way.

The poster campaign was a huge success which ran for two years, it was extended to advertising for the IMAX and the Space season at the museum. Campaign research showed that 40% of visitors saw/heard the campaign, 18% of visitors (74,056 people) said that the campaign influenced their decision to visit, 24% of visitors saw the campaign on London Underground and the top four words that family visitors associated with the creative were: fun, kids, interesting, learning. Furthermore, The Natural History Museum quoted the campaign as a reason for their lower than expected visitor figures during this period.