Science Museum Lates: Build-A-Beer Workshop

  • J Whitehead
The ‘Build A Beer Workshop’ was an interactive exhibition created in response to the Science Museum Lates’ ‘Food & Drink’ brief. It aimed to be a fun, selection based game that taught about the science behind the fermentation process.
The final product was exhibited at Science Museum Lates in January 2018 where members of the public were invited to explore the museum and a range of interactive exhibits after dark.
The game I created collaboratively with Microbiologist & Beer Scientist for Five Points Brewing Company, Sarah Evans, aimed to be both fun and educational. It involved selecting coloured balls which represented the 3 main ingredients in the fermentation process to 'build' a beer, participants were then invited to sample the beer they had 'made'.
Working collaboratively with a scientist was immensely useful as it meant that I could draw on her extensive knowledge on the subject whilst focusing on my own strengths which are in design. However, as she is so well learned on the subject, simplifying the key information on the process into a short game proved difficult at first. The final outcome was a major success, attracting huge interest from the guests at Lates to the point where we had to begin turning participants away because it was too busy.