J Whitehead

J Whitehead

GraduateLondon, United Kingdom
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J Whitehead

J Whitehead

GraduateLondon, United Kingdom
About me
J is a an interactive artist who specialises in introspective and socially charged film, photography and interactive artworks. Her work tackles difficult social narratives with the aim of creating conversation, telling stories and creating spaces or situations in which the participants can engage with their own emotions. J’s work is focused on telling stories, starting conversation. and creating spaces or situations in which the participants can engage with their own emotions J has previously created interactive pieces for the Science Museum and The Science Gallery Lates as well as creating self-directed works in response to her own life experiences with the intention of extending the cathartic process to the viewer. Previous film and photography work has included “don’t tell me how to feel about you” a film for which she performed and art directed, which aimed to draw attention to misogyny and rape culture through storytelling of her own negative experiences with past lovers, contrasting with imagery in which she shares gentle intimate moments with a man-sized stuffed doll. She has also assisted with art direction for Dissolve, part film and part stage performance which tells the story of a young woman suffering from severe memory loss. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3Qxe_m5fWaHLF2pWRm2obg
  • Sense of Direction
    Sense of Direction
  • Dissolve
    DissolveDissolve was a performance about memory loss in which a film was created live on stage using both physical and technical elements. I worked with Awkward City Theatre as a performer and designer to create this piece.
  • Songs In The Key of Textile
    Songs In The Key of TextileThe brief for this project, entitled ‘adapt’ was to take something be it a film, book etc and adapt it into a different medium ( a book to a film for example) but the outcome could be in any medium. As I was interested in records I decided that I would focus on adapting my favourite record ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ by Stevie Wonder. I wanted to investigate the way music can be visualised and also wanted to look at new ways artists could create merchandise to create their music in a more phys
  • Science Museum Lates: Build-A-Beer Workshop
    Science Museum Lates: Build-A-Beer WorkshopThe ‘Build A Beer Workshop’ was an interactive exhibition created in response to the Science Museum Lates’ ‘Food & Drink’ brief. It aimed to be a fun, selection based game that taught about the science behind the fermentation process. The final product was exhibited at Science Museum Lates in January 2018 where members of the public were invited to explore the museum and a range of interactive exhibits after dark. The game I created collaboratively with Microbiologist & Beer Scientist for Five Points Brewing Company, Sarah Evans, aimed to be both fun and educational. It involved selecting coloured balls which represented the 3 main ingredients in the fermentation process to 'build' a beer, participants were then invited to sample the beer they had 'made'. Working collaboratively with a scientist was immensely useful as it meant that I could draw on her extensive knowledge on the subject whilst focusing on my own strengths which are in design. However, as she is so well learned on the subject, simplifying the key information on the process into a short game proved difficult at first. The final outcome was a major success, attracting huge interest from the guests at Lates to the point where we had to begin turning participants away because it was too busy.
  • Museum of Lost Childhood
    Museum of Lost ChildhoodThe Museum of Lost Childhood was a piece I created in response to my emotions toward my body failing me. As a child, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, the treatment for which took a toll on my body and mental health. As an adult, I am still coming to terms with what happened to me as well as dealing with the late effects of the treatment I went through. I wanted to create a performative piece about what I went through and the feelings I am still going through so collated objects and paperwork from my time in hospital and relating to my more recent diagnoses in order to create a space that demonstrated that difficult period in my life and would give the viewer a similar sense of overwhelm that I have been feeling. I wanted to make this piece interactive and accessible to others so focused on the theme of loss in response to my lost childhood, lost hair and lost time. I took a quote from Malcom X which states “every loss contains its own seed” and decided to create my own paper containing seeds for plants that represent hope, new life and companionship. I then asked people to come and experience the space and write about their own losses on this seeded paper, trading their loss for a small vial of the hair that I lost from my first round of chemotherapy that I had kept. It was extremely emotional for everyone involved but it made for a therapeutic experience, many of the participants wishing to share extremely personal and even traumatic stories of loss with me, a total stranger.
  • 100 Days
    100 DaysIn response to a short film I made exploring my identity and feelings toward my body (“10 second portraits of 6 different people”) I began documenting my face/body by taking one self-portrait a day and uploading it to Instagram (@S_cattered) in order to collate them. As I moved through the project I decided to set myself a time scale of 100 days since this would be enough time to notice changes in myself. Once I had a collection of 100 self-portraits, I decided that I wanted to make a photobook, showing the photos in chronological order with the hope to demonstrate change. When it came to adding text to these books I wanted to create something that would show how I felt about my body since my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I found myself self-depreciating in all of the text that accompanied the photographs but I let myself pour my feelings onto the page regardless, finding it strangely therapeutic. To accompany this, I wanted to contrast my own emotions with someone else’s so I selected a loved one who puts me on a pedestal to make their own comments on the photographs, creating a stark contrast between my own self-depreciative opinions and his hyper-positive opinions of me. It was incredibly interesting for me to explore who I am and want to be whilst really delving into the idea that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.
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