Second Hand But Grand - Fashion Editorial Video - Moss Magazine

  • Fraser Stephen
  • Olivia Bossert
  • Luke Hopkins
  • Daisy Jordan

Creative Direction by Olivia Bossert. Olivia: “Second Hand But Grand. This one took a lot of planning; I wanted to use nothing but second-hand clothing! I’ve loved vintage shopping since I was a teenager. My mum and I found a shop a few villages away when I was about 14 that sold the most amazing vintage pieces, and we’d go about once a month to see what we could find. I never knew at the time that what we were doing was “sustainable.” The movement to shop less and buy smarter has definitely made me think more before I buy anything, but it’s also massively pushed me to shop second hand, even more! This editorial was shot in Notting Hill, which is often considered one of the best vintage shopping locations. I have to say I agree, as in the last few months I’ve found some absolute bargains in shops in that area! Huge thank you the whole team involved in producing this, and especially to Daisy Jordan for sourcing the clothes, which wasn’t an easy task. Styling by Daisy Jordan Make up by Abigail Lemar Hair by Luke Hopkins Model Claudia Gould at M and P Models Cinematography and edit by Fraser Stephen