SEGA - Football Manager 2015

  • Lucy Sanderson


'How will you manage?' advertising campaign


A creative concept, TV ad and artwork for Sega’s popular gaming franchise, Football Manager 2015.


As the most realistic football management experience on the market, FM taps into the emotional investment that fans put into the beautiful game – a concept that had been explored in the previous two years’ campaigns. For 2015, the campaign removed the concept of gameplay entirely, and positioned this as not just the chance to ‘act’ like a manager for 90 minutes, but to actually ‘become’ one.


‘How will you manage’ challenged players’ management style: the eternal suit or tracksuit dilemma. The TV spot focused on a series of quick-fire scenarios that real managers face on a daily basis and questioned what the viewer/player of FM would do in that position. How does it feel to be in the gaffer’s shoes 24/7?
Over the three campaigns from 2013 to 2015, the franchise enjoyed a combined sales uplift of over 30% across all platforms.