Sell Us Your Brain

  • Christopher Sharpe
  • Victor Amoda
We’re on the hunt for creative talent. The best of the best.All disciplines. All levels. From all over the world.

We're less interested in your portfolio, references, degrees or CV. We want the thing that really makes you, you.

Your brain. And we want you to sell it to us.

Show us how you think, in one minute or one page. Words. Pictures. Motion*. Interpretative dance. It's entirely up to you.

And if we like the way you think, we'd like to work with you.
You have until the 21/02/20 to sell us your brain.
We are 100% serious**
* Videos need to be hosted on another website (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube) and submitted as a URL.
**We are not 100% serious. We will not harvest your brains, or any other organs for that matter (that's another design agency you're thinking of).

Upload your brain here: Sell Us Your Brain