Sennheiser - AMBEO

  • Peter McLaughlin

Felt Sound Studios a renowned music production based in the heart of Soho was capturing a choir at Battle Abbey Cathedral with Sennheiser’s new Ambeo Microphone and were open to the idea of also capturing the performance in 360 Video to enhance the experience and pair it with the stunning audio capture.

How I captured this performance:

With an Insta 360 Pro, live monitoring and my knowledge of 360 video I was able to capture, stitch, edit and deliver an experience that puts viewers in the centre of a performance from the Battle Abbey Choir. The AMBEO microphone captured the spatial audio and through the ingenuity of the team at Felt Studios the sound and immersive content makes viewers feel as if they are stood in this historic building with the sound of the choir surrounding them.

Understanding the production from start to finish

In understanding the whole pipeline for delivering in 360 video I’m able to effectively and quickly map out the best production process for each project. With Mistika VR, I was able to deliver the perfect stitch for each of the takes and export at the highest quality within a sensible time frame to meet the demands of the post-production timeline.