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Parker pens and pencils: maker of fine writing instruments (pens, handcrafted, pen maker, pen specialist, style, Parker) Leading manufacturer of handcrafted pens and pencils. A renowned pen specialist since 1888, Parker pens reflect innovation and style. Parker pen are made with the finest materials and ultra-modern technologies to ensure exceptional quality. Suited for all budgets and tastes – and all occasions. Duofold True Blue: luxury and classic Parker Special Edition pen (art deco pen, extraordinary pen, limited edition pen, Parker) The limited edition Duofold True Blue is an Art Deco pen that mixes modernist style with timeless beauty and a fascinating blue color. This extraordinary pen is a composition of luxury and classic Parker style. Duofold Makie: the new Parker's Limited Edition pen (makie lacquer work, limited edition pen, parker limited edition, special edition pen, luxury pens, exceptional pens, limited production pen) A limited production Parker pen inspired by 17th century Oriental Makie lacquer work. This luxury, special edition pen features delicate hand-applied designs of golden bamboo and a panda. A limited edition model, this pen is an ideal special gift, or a must-have for the collector or connoisseur of beautiful pens. Duofold Cloisonné: Parker's most iconic fountain pen (craftsmanship, art heritage, cloisonné vase, iconic pen, iconic fountain pen, special edition pen, luxury pens, exceptional pens, collector) Inspired by the craftsmanship of the cloisonné vase, this special edition fountain pen mirrors the legacy of Parker's most iconic pen. The exotic yellow color of these luxury pens symbolizes the Asian tradition of success and prosperity. An exceptional Parker pen for the discerning collector or to offer as a gift. Parker Sonnet Crocodile Vermeil: high-level craftsmanship in fine writing instruments (handcrafted fountain pen, high-end pen, collector pen, luxury pen, deluxe pen) The refined gold color of the vermeil on this handcrafted Parker fountain pen is created with a technique used by the Incas and refined to modern manufacturing standards. The result is a luxury pen whose sleek, stylized crocodile design makes it a pleasure to hold – an excellent collector pen or gift for a special occasion.

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