Seplat Energy — Rebranding a business driving the future of Nigeria’s energy transition

  • Ana Iugulescu

Seplat Energy is Nigeria's leading independent oil and gas producer with a dual stock exchange listing on both the Nigerian and London Stock Exchanges. Since 2010, Seplat has built an energy business based upon hydrocarbon production in the Niger Delta, exporting oil that supports Nigeria’s economy and delivering gas to power its homes and businesses.

The strategic outlook for Seplat is focused upon driving the future of Nigeria’s energy transition towards a more reliable, affordable, and sustainable mix of energy to support Nigeria’s growth. This had become central to their business and guided the name change from Seplat Petroleum to Seplat Energy.
With a new name and logo reflecting their exciting future as a supplier of a more diverse range of energy products, we were commissioned to implement a full rebrand and roll-out programme to support their new strategic direction. Our work covered brand strategy, visual identity and full website redesign and build.
Central to the brand, and the business, is people – from Seplat employees to Nigerian communities and business owners. Because, by giving Nigeria and its people access to more reliable and affordable energy their potential becomes limitless.

This comes to life through the graphic language – dubbed the “voice of the nation” – born out of the different languages and alphabets used throughout Nigeria. The shapes are taken from these languages and used in layers to bring the diversity and energy of Nigeria to the fore.
Alongside the graphic language, we developed a photographic style, which focuses heavily on the people behind and benefiting from the work Seplat Energy do. The colour palette is inspired by Nigeria and its landscape – with the primary palette of green taken from the national flag and representing prosperity and sustainability.

The first, and main, execution of the brand was the website. Which of course visually showcases the new brand, but also puts the new business purpose at the heart with sustainability occupying its own section. Imagery features much more heavily, and colour is used more boldly, whilst subtle movement and interaction feel contemporary and dynamic. Supporting this is a full roll-out across all primary corporate communications and assets for digital marketing and social applications.