Series of advertorials for Knorr sauces, spices and soups (Unilever)

  • Patricia Philbin

Main headline: A Feast for the Senses! Subhead: Secret ingredients for a great meal… What does it take to be a good cook? Lots and lots of time? Absolutely not! If you enjoy preparing and eating good food, you already have the 'secret ingredients' of world-famous chefs – smell, taste and an eye for detail. Add a pinch of spices or a taste-tempting sauce, and watch an ordinary meal become a celebration of the senses! Delectable scent-sations The aroma of herbs and spices activates our emotions and whets the appetite. Spices can also make a fun guessing game for little chefs! While you cook, let your child smell different spices and try to guess which one it is. Kids love the warm and friendly smell of cinnamon – mix with a bit of sugar, plain yoghurt and add to chopped apples for a quick and healthy dessert. When you reach for your favourite spices, try using them in different way. Like mixing dried basil or chives with softened butter. This savoury herb butter can be spread on bread for a new taste treat, or used to season cooked vegetables. Experiment to create your own mood magic! A feast for the eyes Who can resist feeling hungry, or having a little taste, while stirring a rich, thick sauce? Use sauces like an artist's colourful palette to accent meats or vegetables. Golden curry sauce adds a burst of colour, and taste, to ordinary noodles or rice. When frying a steak, toss in some chopped green or red pepper to use as a garnish. Top with a creamy béchamel sauce and be prepared for compliments! Good meals delight the eye and make each bite a pleasure. When the meal is ready, slow down and take a moment to enjoy all its details - the colours, textures and flavours. Let the delicious smells naturally awaken your appetite. Then enjoy the first bite of your food. Mindful eating brings a pleasant ambience to mealtimes and makes good food taste even better. Compliments to the chef – you deserve it!

Unilever's consumer research revealed that European working mothers wanted to prepare homemade meals for their families, but it was a tiring feat at the end of a long day. They were typically alone in the kitchen, slapping something together at the stove, while other family members were elsewhere in the home, stuck to their phones, laptops or the television. Meals were often hurried or lacking a true sense of enjoyment. This series of advertorials were a softsell for Knorr products, focusing on the pleasure of cooking and eating, encouraging a sense of mindfulness, and participation by other family members. I love to cook so this project was a real pleasure! The ads ran in women's magazines in five European countries.

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