• Hannah McKeown

Popular media paints an exclusionary image of sex. Anything outside of that? It’s ‘awkward’. With one of us being disabled, we see first hand how society avoids and excludes disabled people and in turn, sex and disability become taboo and shameful. We want to empower disabled people to break the stereotypes around sex and end awkardness through our campaign ‘Sexability’. Sexability means everyone has the ability to have sex. Fun, awkward sex. Because sex is awkward, no matter your ability. The campaign aims to show this through humour, the best ice breaker for awkward subjects. Showing sex and disability in an unapologetic, fun way breaks down the taboo. Nothing about our desires is shameful. Sex isn’t like the movies and that’s okay; its about real human experiences.

Comical videos on Durex’s Twitter and Instagram of people sharing awkward sex stories, to spark conversation and start breaking down the tension.