Sexy Kitchen Party

  • Shaneil Patel
Taking over festivals, clubs and pop up venues across the UK, the duo known as Sexy Kitchen Party have had an unprecedented 2015 performing at Secret Garden Party, Eastern Electrics and being named a highlight of Glastonbury Festival 2015 by DJ Mag.

Dressed in full chef outfits and spinning the best in old school RnB, funk, soul & disco, 80s – 00’s feel good anthems and classic house and garage the format is simple…no Sexy Kitchen Party is ever the same.

With outrageous humour from their no holds barred attitude on the mic, the double act have rocked crowds across the UK and enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity from house parties to sell out festivals in the short space of 12 months.

Armed with kitchen utensils, chef hats, whipped cream and masks of their ‘idol’ Ready Steady Cook legend Ainsley Harriott, they put on a spectacle for their audience unlike any other. Not taking themselves too seriously (or in some cases at all), the pair have an infectious on stage presence.

Risqué humour mixed in with the best party jams from recent times plus a variety of on stage sketches during every show, including a competition for ‘sexiest dancer’ award, means that this kitchen is more entertaining than the Great British Bake Off… and has a much superior soundtrack!

Their ability to entertain, coupled with the Sexy Kitchen Party rules; the testament for those who want to have a proper party and become inherently sexy, means that the twosome have grown a legion of fans from all over the country who love to party with them.

As DJ Mag commented on their set at Glastonbury 2015: “it's a long-way removed from your average dour-faced techno rave…the most fun we’ve had in a long time” which in essence sums up Sexy Kitchen Party perfectly. In short, Sexy Kitchen Party is two DJs with an extensive knowledge of all genres of music who take audiences on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to a time when music was less about the chin stroking and more about having a big fat grin on your face.

Much more than just a pair of DJ’s pushing buttons.

It’s a pair of DJ’s cooking up bangers.

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.