Sh*t Shirt Salsa Social

  • Jo Crossley

Branding for Sh*t Shirt Salsa Social, the London location for a salsa social. There is a loneliness epidemic amongst young people. Research suggests that one of the most effective ways of reducing loneliness is to start a new hobby. Salsa dancing incorporates social connection and a fun physical activity. The creative and collaborative nature of dance has been proved to reduce social isolation and exclusion. Learning unfamiliar moves with other people is a great bonding exercise. It decreases loneliness and has a beneficial effect on both physical and mental health. Dancing salsa introduces you to a welcoming international community. You will never be short of social gatherings to attend, there are congresses held every weekend all over the world. You can turn up at a salsa bar or event totally alone, and dance the night away with complete strangers – it’s a language that you have in common. BRANDING & VISUAL IDENTITY, PACKAGING