She Makes Her Safe Choice: Ending unsafe abortions worldwide

  • Lily Howes

Three years ago, in response to the devastating impact of the Global Gag Rule, Rutgers and DKT International came together to launch the She Makes Her Safe Choice programme – with a dream to end unsafe abortions worldwide. Backed by funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, they have made huge strides towards that goal. Working at a global level, and with in-country partners in Kenya, Ethiopia and West Africa, to drastically reduce the number of unsafe abortions and maternal deaths. I was tasked with amplifying the overall impact and standout actions that have been achieved by the programme over the past two years to donors and stakeholders.

I worked with freelance designer Elspeth Watson to concept and craft a Midway Impact campaign (comprised of a targeted newsletter and engaging social assets) deep-diving into the #SheMakesHerSafeChoice programme so far. Read the newsletter in full here.
My work on the project included:
  • Developing a campaign proposal to effectively communicate the programme’s impact to a global network of donors, partners and stakeholders
  • Sourcing a designer, gathering their input into the proposal and briefing them throughout the project
  • Creating the campaign flow across CRM, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Evaluating existing content (internal and external) generated by the programme so far and collating relevant parts for this campaign
  • Writing newsletter and social copy, adapting the latter for different platforms and audiences
  • Working with the designer to create engaging animations to effectively communicate the programme’s overall results
  • Pulling out individual in-country stories to give an insight into the on-the-ground impact behind the high-level data
  • Taking in multiple rounds of stakeholder feedback