Shell - Coffee Stories

We produced a 1 minute short film for Shell called ‘Coffee Stories’, with Iris. The film promotes the various ‘barista style’ coffees that are available in Shell service stations around the world.

Ironically, creating top drawer latte art requires a steady hand, so when UK Latte Art Champ Dhan Tamang started ‘churning out’ the 200+ lattes to create this film, we were all very keen on ensuring his caffeine consumption was zero.
He tells us he’s in total focus mode - no caffeine, no alcohol and no gym, for months before any event. We all stare at his pecs, wondering what he’s been doing to keep them so pumped.
Anyway, Iris asks us to pitch on this film for Shell - authenticity of coffee is key, so we propose working with Dhan on the world’s first ‘Latte-mation’*. We previz animate the coffee cup characters initially and he copies our sequences, frame by frame. Then we go and bang it all together in a CG environment and bash the render button. Oh, how we wish it was that simple.
Check out the making of film above