Shortlist Media Brief - Stylist Live 2018 Rebrand

  • Katie Barron
Brief: Stylist live is a yearly show of talks, workshops, fashion shows and shopping pop-ups for Stylist readers at Olympia London. We would like you to create some marketing concept ideas and executions for a 2018 campaign: please refresh/overhaul the look and feel. Please keep the collage motif for the speakers and items but the whole execution needs to move on and be updated any way you wish. The collage motif can be different in execution, but must be a multi image solution. The logo would remain the same ideally. Produce 2 x different single page print ads, 1 x DPS print ad, and a variety of digital ads – the digital ads can be animated if you wish.
In order to complete this brief I first took pen to paper and brainstormed my initial thoughts and ideas for this brand refresh. I started by researching current design trends as it’s imperative that Stylist Live looks visually exciting and is very on-trend. I then researched more into this metropolitan woman as the target audience and tried to understand what she really wants from the show.
The trait of this metropolitan woman which I focused on is how she is described as being a ‘powerful consumer but with heart’, that she ‘values personal development and friendship over wealth’ and finally, her insecurity - anxiety. The anxiety aspect lead me to the idea of don’t think about it, just do it - leading to short and punchy sentences, aimed to be encouraging, which also describe the tactile aspect of the show and that it really is the magazine, but brought to life. I used nostalgia to appeal to their heart - visually and through song lyrics. Also adding to this notion of ‘girl power’ and women supporting each other. I also wanted to add more of a ‘festival’ feel which conveys energy, excitement and movement to give it that fun weekend feel.
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