Shredded Wheat Northern Soul

  • Phil Russell
  • Ellis Faint
  • gela kurtanidze
Our new campaign sets out to inspire people to ‘Live from the Heart’, and realise all those passions and ambitions they might have been putting off.
Because with Shredded Wheat and a healthy heart, you’re free to go off and follow yours.
The campaign launches with a documentary-style series. In the first story we meet Dave, a “Northern Soul” enthusiast from Shrewsbury. Dave grew up loving everything that Northern Soul stood for: the music, the clothes, the dancing, the people. But a young family and a career that took him away from home meant he fell away from the scene. Now, armed with a fresh outlook on life, and more time to follow his heart, Dave is reigniting his passion – and even passing it on to the next generation by going to the Northern Soul all-nighters with his son.