Silver & Green

For this project we were required to create the packaging and promote a new range of fridge pots for Mediterranean food specialists Silver & Green.
We decided too reverent the first packaging that we had designed, as we liked many elements that it had. We still wanted to maintain the half and half packaging as it still looked like an olive leaf to a geometrical way, we reworked the packaging to have better durability to make it stack up on a shelf better and package the olives in a safe way.
Splitting the packaging in half and having two portions, as 80g of olives is one serving and spitting the packaging with create two servings.
With the theme of half and half we could also expand the range by Sliver and Green by added an additional element of a mix and match of different olives in the packaging.
The packaging will be Eco-friendly, the plastic tray will be made out of corn plastic, which is proven to be safer for the enviroment, and the paper element of the packaging will also be recyclable.
We decided to add additional items in the form of a napkin and a cocktail stick to the fridge pots, making it more accessible than their pervious product range.
The olives are quite large, so the user may be more than likely going to sit down and eat the olives so, therefore, we decided to add text onto the napkin, as the user can take in the information which will give the user more insight into silver and green and the user may be more inclined to find out more about silver and green, after reading the short synopsis of their journey.

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Ravneet Bains

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