Ravneet Bains

Ravneet Bains

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Ravneet Bains

Ravneet Bains

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I’m Ravneet and I am currently a second-year Graphic Design student at the Arts University Bournemouth. My interest within Graphic Design lies with interactive design and branding. When problem-solving for a brief, I like to seek inspiration by using unconventional methods, as I deem there is no right path to the final outcome; I enjoy the discoveries that I find along the way, as this broaden my horizons in the Graphic Design industry. It excites me to work within a group, as I like the combination of skills from others to drive the outcome of the work, rather than one individual, as I believe this makes you stand out from the crowd. I like to evoke different emotions and feelings of the viewer through my artwork, as I am aware that a selected few of my artwork are thought provoking. My ethos when designing an interactive piece of work is to focus equally on the artwork and artwork being displayed; The coherence of artwork and music creates great harmony.
  • Journey Book
    Journey BookFor my first unit at university, I had designed a book which documented my process throughout the unit. The process book is broken up into five small projects; the projects were fast and interesting, this helped me to generate ideas in a concise and quick manner. While designing, the process book it helped me in gain self-confidence in my own design work to produce something that is a true reflection of myself. With the journey book, I looked at breaking the formal gird to create an interesting design, to set myself apart from everyone.
  • Life of Pi - Title Sequence
    Life of Pi - Title SequenceOpen brief The title sequence design process had a lot of careful consideration with each scene, as I was looking at the culture and religions of India as it consequently, can be seen as sensitive place to touch upon. The animation looks at the India’s wide variety of cultures with the use of colour. The title sequence has subtle connotations to religion, for example with the idea of the lotus flower fully opening represents a time of enlightenment. The animation has unique style of illustration which is carried out on each scene to create consistence in the title sequence; I used the wavy lines throughout my piece of work, as this is one on of the strongest aspects which distinguishes it from other animations.
  • Silver & Green
    Silver & GreenFor this project we were required to create the packaging and promote a new range of fridge pots for Mediterranean food specialists Silver & Green.
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Work history
    Photography Assistant
     - Windsor, United KingdomInternship
    I worked at Photo Farm, which required me to communicate with clients, offering them my assistance. I was also required to communicate with my fellow colleges about the design of the work, to compare and contrast on ideas, to come up with one unanimous decision. I was required to have good ICT skills, to carry out simple and large tasks, for example; filling out customer’s personal data, and in addition to that, I had to Photoshop work which involved retouching and designing. In my job, I adapted very quickly to the different situation. I had multiple types of job requirements while working at Photo Farm; I had to communicate with clients, I also was a photographer assistant, which required me to clean up any mess after a photo-shoot, and hold up equipment.
  • Digital/ Print
  • Marketing
  • 9. Illustrator
  • Animator
  • Abobe Indesign/photoshop/illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Muse
  • Html
  • Responsive Design
  • Editorial Layout
    Arts University Bournemouth logo
    Arts University Bournemouth logo
    (hons) Graphic DesignArts University Bournemouth
    Bournemouth, United Kingdom
    Throughout my time at the Art University Bournemouth I have learnt so much about the world of Graphic Design and how it larger than everything on your computer screen; looking at Graphic Design in this aspect has helped me convey my ideas better and have inventive solutions to project.