Simple: Teen Ready to Play

  • Stephanie Martin

Teen girls are on a journey of discovery, experimenting with their make-up trying to find their look. Our Teens don’t take themselves too seriously – they have a giggle, send a Snapchat, and wipe it away feeling good. They’re ready to give the next look a go knowing Simple has their back so they can keep experimenting as much as they like. We quickly realised teens don't actually like taking their make-up off, but they do love experimenting with their looks, so we worked closely with instafamous MUA, Nikki_Makeup, to create two films (S/S & A/W), snapchat articles and a snapchat filter. With a bold and fun new look and feel for Unilever, we moved away from the norm for them and developed a bank of typographic elements and emoji stickers to be used across the deliverables (film, digital & OOH) and worked alongside Snapchat with workshops and day sessions to develop Unilevers first ever Snapchat venture.



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