Sized for You - Sony Xperia

  • Dai Roberts
  • Alice Windeler
Sony Xperia had found that their audience was stuck between not always wanting the largest of the ever-increasing phone sizes and not keeping up with the tech the larger phones offered. 
Using Facebook canvas, we demonstrated that whichever size you chose, you weren’t compromising or downgrading. We gave all three models a field test and let the audience scrutinise the results themselves. Building from the TV’s Nature focused campaign, we sent one of our influencers out into the rugged Yorkshire Dales to see how the phones stacked up.


This looping video post was the introduction to the canvas, showing Sony Xperia Instagram Influencer Jonny Joyce (@digital_editz) heading out into the wilderness of the Yorkshire Dales to conduct his field test of the new Xperia models using a special tripod we built to capture the same shot on all 3 models at the same time.


The Canvas opened full screen on your phone and presented you with three experiments that opened the field test results up to scrutiny. Using the gyroscopic movement of your phone, each experimented invited you scroll across a panorama made up of 3 different phone shots as if holding a magnifying glass to the results.