• Nádia Correia

Skin, texture, exploring touch and the sensorial. We get to go close and be transported into a world of raw and unrefined details. An umbilical relationship with touch and the skin - the organ. Skin took inspiration from the strange sensation I would get when someone would accidentally touch me this past year. The pandemic has changed the way we relate to one another. The opportunity to kiss or hug a friend is rare these days and Oh boy! I am a hugger. We have lost a bond, a level of connection. I have never felt as confused about human contact as today. I joined forces with this incredible all-female team, where diversity behind and in front of camera are key. It's been a privilege to be collaborating with awesome human beings and professionals. Beauty is by legend Min Sandhu, hair by the kick ass storyteller Regina Manseen and styling by the energetic Amisha Kapadia. Together we will bring you SKIN.