Nádia Correia

Nádia Correia

fashion-led Beauty Photographer & DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Nádia Correia

Nádia Correia

fashion-led Beauty Photographer & DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a fashion and beauty, stills and motion photographer based in London, born and brought up in Lisbon, Portugal. With half of my family originating from Mozambique, I have always been inspired by multicultural environments. It was my grandfather's love and knowledge of photography that first led me to pick up a camera, and then to discover how I could use it to best express myself. I am constantly seeking out a connection to my cultural heritage and identity through my work. I enjoy creating compelling narratives using vibrant and complex colour schemes, in which women often take centre stage Clients Coach, Sainsbury’s, Camden Town Brewery, W+K, Schwarzkopf, Royce, Refinery29, Lemonade Dolls, Farfetch, Waterwipes, Both Paris and more. Publications Hunger, Wonderland, Noctis, Kaltblut, Pap, TMRW and more.
  • Invigorate
    InvigorateHair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exterior nerves, a type of highly evolved ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that channel greater quantities of subtle, cosmic energy that balances the entire electromagnetic field of the body increasing life force, vitality and intuition. In Vedic tradition, hair is coiled up on the crown of the head during the day to energise the brain cells, and let down at night. A ‘rishi knot’ energises your magnetic field and stimulates the pinea
  • Cyber Y
    Cyber Y
  • Hologram
    HologramThis fall is all about the holographic hues that transform at the blink of an eye. So epic! Travelling through a space wave Hologram brings you a palette of flaunting iridescent shades and bold colours that will take you into another dimension. Galaxy make up is a trend that is totally out of this world.
  • The Railton Road
    The Railton RoadIn a celebration of the Black origins of many beauty and culture “trends,” Nádia Correia pays homage to the road on which the first Black hair salon was opened in Brixton, 1957, with hair by Sheree -Jourdan https://www.infringe.com/the-railton-road-to-resilience/
  • Engulfed in Colour
    Engulfed in ColourEngulfed in Colour takes inspiration from the energetic Blue Devil, a traditional character in Trinidad Carnival that likely origin from the age of slavery. Blue devil masqueraders come from Paraffin, in the hills near the port of Spain. Painting bodies in vivid blue, they menace the fellow reveller. Legend has it that St. Michael disguised himself as a devil, but took on the celestial blue hue to mock the devil in order to drive him away. In contrast, dark-coloured devils are reminiscen
  • Frame Chain SS22
    Frame Chain SS22
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Projects credited in
  • Sisterhood Series: Riot Soup
    Sisterhood Series: Riot SoupRIOT SOUP is an art collective for women of colour, running monthly socials, curating exhibitions and hosting workshops. This video is part of the six-part Sisterhood Series produced by Reform The Funk and directed by Sheena Brobbey.
  • Project collaboration with Refinery 29
    Project collaboration with Refinery 29Last year I had a great opportunity to help direct and feature in Refinery29, Inc. article post - focusing on the “portraits challenging the image of Muslim women during Ramadan” - in collaboration with my team’s online platform REDEFINING CONCEPTS & Nadia Correia #featured #post #articles Check it out! - https://lnkd.in/gC4rKBH
  • Both Paris AW20
    Both Paris AW20SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT Photography - Nadia Correia in collaboration with GLOW Agency Both Paris Production Assistant - Antoni Jankowski
  • picton mag
    picton mag#antivalentino
  • Sisterhood Series: Meet Amelia, Nadia and Emily
    Sisterhood Series: Meet Amelia, Nadia and EmilyFor Amelia, Emily and Nadia, the experience of building work relationships blossomed into a sisterhood of support and mentorship. They united whilst working together at the digital publishing platform, Refinery 29, and found their professional relationships acting as a catalyst towards unfurling their creativity together. This episode is part of a six-part series edited by Working Womxn, produced by Reform The Funk and directed by Sheena Brobbey.
  • Slap TEST
    Slap TEST
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    Freelance PhotographerStudio Lisboa Ltd
    London, United KingdomFreelance
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    BALisbon Film School
     - Lisbon, Portugal