​​ŠKODA is a huge automotive company and their desktop website works as a successful driver for potential customers to browse the ranges, configure their own model, book test drives and find retailers. The previous mobile version of the site was completely different - visually and content wise.  In 2016, ŠKODA brought in a new piece of branding with Bradley Wiggins as the face of their initial campaign.

The design approach I took was to create an extensible pattern library and use it to create page designs that are centered around the new brand.


I collaborated with the team to draw up what elements and templates would be needed which provided me with the knowledge of what would need to be in the pattern library.
Using a pattern library method allowed me to design pages in a much more flexible and unrestricted way. I was able to use whichever components that were right for the content of the page rather than a rigid "one type fits all" structure.
A strong part of the new branding was the introduction of a crystal shape, used for ​​ŠKODA's cover pieces and other large material. Having a dominating shape overlay on images didn't translate well to mobile so I had to find another way in which to incorporate this bold shape. I instead decided to use the crystal as a block colour and contain the menu - keeping it as a core brand asset.


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