Sky High Economics – in association with Inmarsat and the LSE

  • George Harding
  • Cameron Saunders

Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: With a multi-platform campaign for Inmarsat (who sell inflight connectivity to commercial airlines) we answered the challenge our clients faced of airlines struggling to define their business cases to invest in inflight connectivity (IFC). Inmarsat needed to change the global conversation about IFC, demonstrating leadership by shifting industry perceptions about the product. This was achieved with the creation of our powerful research coalition that launched the game-changing research study, ‘Sky High Economics’ (SHE), which showed the scale of incremental revenue and savings available to airlines through passenger connectivity. The Chapter 1 study found that IFC has the potential to create $30bn of additional airline revenue by 2035, a figure that changed established thinking about the business case for IFC. Chapter 2 showed that IFC will save airlines $15bn a year in operational costs by 2035. And released in Autumn 2019, Chapter 3 explored how airlines can use connectivity to capitalise on changing passenger behaviour. Deliverables of each of these projects included, 40 page reports, a marketing summary report, collateral online articles, print brochures, film, interviews with industry experts, social, advertising and a lot of PR! Working with many disciplines that included PR, social, content and planning, this large campaign needed a team all moving in the same direction and communicating daily. I was proud back in 2017 to be the AE on Chapter 1, but now in 2019 I am extremely happy to say I was the sole project manager and only creative client service person for a team that successfully launched Chapter 3 of the Sky High Economics report– accomplishing over 800 airline personnel engagements on social and landing interviews with the likes of Forbes and the Washington Post, Chapter 3 was a huge success and brilliant end to the SHE series.

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