George Harding

Account Manager

Mid Level
London, United Kingdom
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About me

Hello, I’m George – I’m an aspiring marketeer who believes in following my passion and loving what I do. I’m lean. I’m hungry. And always looking to grow my career and myself as a person – therefore at every level, I set high goals for myself and the work I do. Currently based in London, I'm an Account Manager at Ogilvy working on the Inmarsat Aviation and Formula 1 accounts.


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  • Content
  • Print Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Film Advertising
  • CRM
  • Event
  • Project Delivery
  • Client Services

Companies I’ve worked with

  • Ogilvy


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  • McCann London

    McCann London

    • Advertising

Work history


Account Manager


Jun 2017
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Full Time
  • Currently an Account Manager working on the Inmarsat Aviation account. On Inmarsat (Supporting the SAD) I am responsible for managing the account effectively and profitably by planning for and organizing all areas relevant to the development and execution of projects. This includes ensuring the smooth day to day running of the account and executing creative ideas professionally and successfully. I have built a strong understanding of the client’s business and how it operates, which has enabled me to diplomatically challenge and answer client briefs. I have developed effective relationships with key stakeholders on the client side and am seen as a trusted partner by my colleagues in planning, creative, and finance teams. With Inmarsat being in a very niche and technical business, I have nonetheless complete trust from the client – so much so that in late 2018, when I went from spending 100% of my time on Inmarsat to 50%, the client requested the agency placed me back on full time at the start of 2019. Now with an AE working under me, my focus is fully on managing the day to day of the account, whilst also managing senior clients and large scale, long term projects. Below goes into detail on standout projects I am specifically proud of. Content: in the two years that I have worked on the Inmarsat content team (myself, senior planner, small team of writers and one art director) we have won a Silver CMA award and a Gold CMA award at the 2017 and 2018 CMA awards respectively. The 2017 Silver CMA award was for our 40 page bi-annual thought leadership magazine that looks at inflight connectivity within aviation and what these trends mean for airlines. I, without any senior support, was the sole project manager and client services person on this project – delivering it on time and well underbudget. I received widespread positive feedback from clients and even senior salesman at Inmarsat. Two salesman specifically asked for extra copies of the mag to be printed so they could leave them behind at high level meetings with airline VIPs. Due to my solid knowledge on the IFC industry, I also briefed several of the articles and worked closely with senior clients and industry tech experts to ensure we had the correct messaging. The 2018 Gold CMA award was for our Sky High Economics (SHE) campaign (co-produced with the LSE) which placed Inmarsat as a thought leader in its industry, and in our client words, “broke” the market. I was the sole project manager/client service person for the content deliverables for this project – these being social assets, articles, films, and interviews with senior clients and industry experts. This project led to 14 one-to-one customer engagements using SHE content, and also led to 250+ captures of airline leads via online report downloads. Events: Inmarsat has a large presence at two major aviation events in the year. In the past two years I have been involved in delivering these events which have included the creation of interactive stands that showcase Inmarsat services to VIP airline executives. In the most recent event (April 2019), I was given large responsibility due to my knowledge and expertise of the account. To list my deliverables, I was responsible as an account manager/project manager to deliver 5 films, the whole stand messaging, event handouts, an interactive presentation, 8 online articles, event media plan, 3 full page event ads, and the pre/during/post event content plan. Working closely with my SAD, they and I solely project managed the delivery of the whole event, on time and on budget. We also hosted the weekly status call – these calls included a large team of 18 people where we would run through all deliverables and next actions for each. FORMULA 1 In our first year on the Formula 1 account we won a Silver DMA award for our race newsletters, titled ‘Season of Stories’. Sending over a 100 million emails in the season to F1 fans, we achieved an open rate (33%) that exceeded the industry average (24%) due to our slick designs and engaging content. Despite being a brand new account for Ogilvy London, I quickly gained the client’s trust by executing the smooth delivery of these weekly newsletters, whilst having to frequently co-ordinate teams of up to 6 people over weekend nights to deliver on time Grand Prix comms. Other workstreams involved on the Formula 1 account are content, social and digital advertising – and I would work closely with our planning team to tailor each of these channels to each Grand Prix race throughout the F1 season.


Account Management intern

McCann London

May 2015 - Jul 2017
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Internship
  • Working across accounts such as Nestle, Tenneco Engineering and Zurich I provided account management support to the team in my 2 months at the agency.



  • Our multi-platform (social, content, print, film) campaign for Inmarsat was created for a business unit within the organisation, Inmarsat Aviation, which offers inflight connectivity to commercial airlines. Faced with the challenge of airlines struggling to define their business cases to invest in inflight connectivity (IFC), Inmarsat Aviation needed to change the global conversation about IFC, demonstrating leadership by shifting industry perceptions about the product. We achieved this with the creation of a powerful research coalition that launched the game-changing research study, ‘Sky High Economics’ (SHE), which showed the scale of incremental revenue available to airlines through passenger connectivity. The study found that IFC has the potential to create $30bn of additional airline revenue by 2035, a figure that changed established thinking about the business case for IFC. The results were impressive: a social reach of 875,000, exceeding target engagement benchmarks, over 190 articles in global media, and 14 one-to-one customer engagements, leading to three new airline contract wins. “The winner fundamentally influenced the target market,” said the CMA judges, “creating a solution that could actually change the future of the aviation industry.” Starting as an Account Executive at the start of this campaign, I was able to prove my worth as working in a large team of planners, creative, OPR and social/content personnel – following the massive success of the campaign I believe my role in it was recognised by Ogilvy rewarding me with the promotion to Account Manager.