SKYR is now Müllerlicious!

  • Sean Collymore

For Müller UK & Ireland’s captivating project titled “SKYR is now Müllerlicious,” I had the privilege of being commissioned to shoot a product video on a green screen, employing CGI to composite a mesmerizing Icelandic world. The primary objective was to highlight the key ingredients and showcase the product’s excellence by utilising specialist precision camera equipment and lenses. With meticulous attention to detail, we crafted a visually stunning video that truly captured the essence of the brand. The finished product was met with resounding acclaim and featured prominently in their advertising campaigns, social media platforms, and internal communications. By seamlessly blending the real and digital worlds, we created an immersive experience that transported viewers to the enchanting landscapes of Iceland. The video artfully emphasized the product’s hero attributes, capturing the attention of audiences and leaving a lasting impression. The success of the video underscored the meticulous planning, precision execution, and technical expertise invested in the project. It was a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional creative work that resonates with the target audience. The “SKYR is now Müllerlicious” video showcased Müller UK & Ireland’s dedication to innovation and their commitment to providing high-quality products. It was an honor to contribute to their marketing efforts and create a visually captivating piece that celebrated the brand’s unique offering. The widespread recognition and integration of the video across multiple platforms solidified its impact and reaffirmed the effectiveness of our creative approach. We take pride in the positive reception and the role we played in amplifying the brand’s message to a wider audience. Overall, the collaboration with Müller UK & Ireland on the “SKYR is now Müllerlicious” project was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression and contributing to the brand’s marketing initiatives.