SlamJam, Spazio Maiocchi x Domus Academy: Cross-Business Creative Contamination

  • Areti Micha

Our quest was to interlace SlamJam’s anarchism & Spazio Maiocchi’s niche elitism into an annual events agenda; to link a streetwear multi-brand to their eclectic art space through fashion and art. Initially we drafted both the brands' iDs, outlined their customer profile and noted all B2B and B2C activity. To verify our estimations for the brands' positioning within the market and in relation to their key competitors, we performed online engagement metrics. To deliver our brief, we curated an annual events agenda with 4 entirely original events, crafted to the finest detail and provided the company not only with the concepts but with executional and managerial tools, such as detailed budgeting and execution calendar. Moreover, we provided a communication strategy for both online and offline outlets of the brands including media tools and gadgets. Our project was awarded the best of the 7 submitted in total, as being the most professionally drafted, aligned with the brands vision, illustrated with striking visuals and upgraded with technological innovations.