Smart Move Northamptonshire

  • Ottway Claris

Smart Northamptonshire is a new initiative headed by Northamptonshire County Council. The Smart initiative is to encourage visitors and residents of Northamptonshire to re-think and change the way they use travel. As part of the intiative, there were various different elements to the project, these included Smart 'totems' placed in town. The web presence needed to compliment and provide the same sentiment and message


I ran a discovery phase which included various forms of research; stakeholder workshops, user interviews, analysis and quantitative research methods such as surveys. The phase resulted in a discovery report, an information architecture, wireframes and user stories that laid the foundation for Alpha and Beta phases of the project. 


A core piece technology for the Smart website was a map that provided road users in Northamptonshire with a plethora of details, exclusively in one place. The user experience of the map was poor and it was visually outdated and slow. However, the fundamentals of it could be used and manipulated to create something up to date and relevant to the Smart project. I worked on creating a new interface for it which was clean and simple which would allow users on the go to be able to use it within a few taps. 
Part of the Smart project was about informing people of different things to do and see in Northamptonshire and providing them with a different view of the place, whether as a visitor or resident. It was important to have different types of landing pages and content that could bring to life these areas.


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