Snapchat: World Cup 2018

  • Tim Coleman

We brought 31 million unique viewers to Snapchat during World Cup 2018. Content covered the whole spectrum from snackable, shareable original meme posts (generating 100,000s of shares) to 15 minute mid-form documentary content with a 40% swipe up rate and strong viewer retention. Beginning at 0 on day 1, after just 45 days we had attracted 500,000 subscribers. We pulled 6.2m unique views on our best performing day - the thumbnail featured a stereotypically attractive female football fan, with the title "Conventionally attractive football fans in your area want to chat!". Viewers then explored an edition that critiqued the way traditional media and football fans themselves viewed what it meant to be a 'female fan'. This meant we drew record views and a began a disruptive conversation on a potentially unremarkable down-day with no games. Read more here:


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