• Joanna Kudryńska

Storyline built around the sense of loneliness and insecurity of today’s youth, together with their main way to cope - through phone photography and presence on social media. Which provides them with the illusion / virtual version of interactions and a social life. Together with a highly altered image they can hide behind, or even curate their display of desired identity with. Which could be seen as ironic considering that what they are exposed to on social media is the main source of their insecurity and sense of inadequacy. Conveniently those platforms also provide them with tools to “defend themselves” from ever experiencing the reality of their life. Photography: Joanna Konieczna / @joanna_konieczna Models: Ashley Graves & Polly Beeny / @ashley_graves @pollybeeny @milkmodelmanagement MUA: Gemma Rimmington / @gemmarimmingtonmua Hair: Emma Rosenkowitz / @emma_rosenkowitz

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