Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

  • Ottway Claris
  • Chris Melfi

Solicitor's Disciplinary Tribunal wanted an interactive tour for users to experience what it is like to attend a hearing for the first time. As part of my design work, I also art directed photography. I wanted each scene to feel relevant to the different types of users. When approaching the design of the tour, I wanted to create an interface that was minimal and simple so the focus was on the scenes and interactions.


I established with the client the various steps you would take as someone attending the courts for the first time and then used this information to plot out and arrange each scene. I used wireframes for guidance in directing the photography as well as for the actual interface.
I designed the UI so that a user would follow a linear journey - going back and forth between rooms and areas. Each section contains hotspots on specific subject areas, I designed the information areas to be flexible but restricted in height to ensure that subject matters were never covered. 
An additional aspect to the tour was the inclusion of a clickable floorplan. This was important to be easily accessible so that users who weren't interested in experiencing the tour but instead wanted to see the layout and get a feel for the rooms could access the information.